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#15 Prepared Salads
Just because a food item has the word “salad” in it doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. A high percentage of restaurants and grocer’s prepare salads with numerous add-ons such as cheese and meaty forms of protein which can inject you with up to 900mg of sodium. And that’s without salad dressing!

#14 Potato Chips
Like the Lays brand advertises, you just can’t have one and overdosing on All Dressed or Sour Cream & Onion chips can result in high fat intakes and over 300mg of sodium despite signs that point to 0 trans fats.

#13 Ice Cream
We all scream for ice cream sometimes but what we really should be screaming for is its healthier cousin frozen yogurt. One traditional serving of ice cream can produce a double whammy of 25g of sugar and fat and if you do seconds, you can consume more than a third of the calories you’re supposed to take in on a daily basis.

#12 Chicken Wings
"Wing Nights" should come with medical contracts on their actual chicken wings rather than their heat-soaked sauces because their irresistable taste usually comes with 30g of fat and sodium levels that provide more than your daily limit for salt.

#11 Muffins
Muffins are often used as a meal replacement for those with a busy lifestyle and they definitely have their benefits if they’re the right type of muffin. Some varieties usually contain 25g of fat and depending on their ingredients, can provide one-third of your daily caloric requirements.

#10 Onion Rings
It’s okay to splurge every once in a while with a cheat meal, but steer clear of the onion ring if you plan to do so. The unhealthy appetizer can deliver almost a day’s worth of fat depending on how its prepared and how much grease is hiding its battered coating.

#9 Fruit Juice Cocktails
The thing about fruit juice cocktails is most varieities taste amazing and they’re almost always tagged with a sale price, but does that mean they’re worthy to include in your diet? Unfortunately, no, as an 8-ounce glass can contain up to 40g of sugar which is more than your average can of soda.

#8 Popcorn
Out of all the snacks that live on your grocer’s shelves, popcorn is one of the healthiest options but on a diet plan, it can be the complete opposite. It’s kicker is fats which if you don’t look at the label closely, can amount up to 60g of the saturated variety.

#7 Vitamin Water
Vitamin Water has been a popular substitute when it comes to fitness but it should not be treated as regular water. Each bottle contains 33 grams of sugar in its 2.5 servings which is only 6 grams less than a can of Coca-Cola.

#6 Protein Bars
They’re designed to transfer protein to boost your metabolism and performance levels but most protein bars, especially those of the PowerBar variety, lack fibre and substitute that with three-fourths of your daily limit for added sugar. Now you know where the acceptable taste comes from!

#5 Healthy Frozen Dinners
Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice are notorious for their frozen creations and though they can contain high amounts of protein and fibre which make them better than the average TV dinner, they’re high in sugar, sodium and fat.

#4 Fat-Free Salad Dressing
While Fat-Free Salad Dressing gives you the benefit of using dressing on your mixed green combinations, most brands have 8 grams of sugar in just two tablespoons. In simple terms, that equals more than a dozen jellybeans.

#3 Sugary Cereals
Enjoying breakfast uppers like Reese’s Puffs or Lucky Charms can sometimes be worse than getting up on the wrong side of bed as most of these cereals carry more sugar in one serving than a standard size chocolate bar.

#2 Macaroni & Cheese
Mac & Cheese may have found its way into the hearts of kids and teenagers everywhere but for bodies that aren’t growing anymore, it’s an unwelcome addition to a diet plan. One large serving/order can provide up to half the calories you need in a day and more fat than a growing adult requires in 24 hours.

#1 Frappuccinos
The tastier pick-me-up has always looked like it was on the unhealthier side and the funny thing is, it is. Most frappucino’s - including the Starbucks variety - hold nearly one-third of the fat you should consume daily as well as over half a day’s saturated fat.

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